On Monday I watched some of the most amazing poetry performances by my Year 3 and 4 pupils. They were confident, they were inspired and they were surprising. Surprising because some of my quieter pupils got up on stage and gave it their all - with dramatic expression and with a true sense of giving a performance. Thank you Paul for bringing out the best in all the children you have worked with. I can't recommend you highly enough.

Simpson is by far one of the best investments a school could have. The children he works with flourish and his work never fails to amaze me!
There are not enough superlatives (or characters in this little box) to accurately describe what a talented man Paul Simpson is! A true joy to have in school and I can't recommend him highly enough.
Paul achieves incredible things with pupils (and teachers) of all ages and from all backgrounds! He is able work on a variety of topics - from poetry to formal debates. High energy, and a never ending supply of "Pineapples of Bravery", means all his sessions are engaging and a pleasure to be a part of! Keep up the great work Mr S! We're privileged to have you! 

Public speaking and debating are key skills for all learners but particularly those who find language a challenge. Paul, you have developed the children’s confidence and speaking skills dramatically and I, as a teacher, have gained so much knowledge from working alongside you. Thank you.
 Paul has a huge impact not only on the children he works with but the staff too! The results he achieves; his love of language and the confidence he brings to everyone permeates throughout school life. As a teacher, working alongside Paul has been some of the best CPD I have ever had and it's been a pleasure to see children flourish under his guidance!
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